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Dental Implants For Seniors & Pensioners in Australia

Dental Implants For Seniors Pensioners

Dental Implants for Pensioners in Australia

As a pensioner, you may be entitled to some level of reimbursement for Dental Implant treatment through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or your private health fund. It is vital to check with your health fund or DVA for eligibility and any coverage limits.

The following options are available for Pensioners and Seniors in Australia;

Dental Schools and Teaching Hospitals

Dental schools and teaching hospitals offer discounted dental care. A downside to these places is the probability of dental students and trainees treating you. 

Government Funded Programs

There are several government-funded programs available for seniors and the elderly in Australia. Make inquiries on the ones close to you, and how you can apply. 

Many dental charitable organisations also offer low-cost or free dental care to those in need.

Insurance Plans

For dental insurance coverage, there are general and major dental covers. Elderly individuals should opt for the major dental cover. Before choosing an insurance provider, consider your age, dental health, financial state, and insurance economics.

Benefits of Dental Implants For Pensioners and Seniors 

One of the main benefits of dental implants for seniors and pensioners is that they can improve the overall health and function of the mouth

Missing teeth lead to several problems, including difficulty in eating and speaking. They can change the shape of the face. Dental implants can help to prevent these issues by providing a stable foundation for replacement teeth and helping to preserve the jawbone.

Dental implants for seniors and pensioners are a long-term solution for missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, which need to be replaced or adjusted over time, dental implants can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. The durability can save seniors and pensioners time and money in the long run.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, which can help to boost self-confidence and self-esteem in seniors and pensioners. They can also help improve oral health, as the implant functions like a natural tooth root and helps stimulate the jawbone and keep it strong.

Senior Getting His Teeth Checked For Dental Implant ProcedureMedicare Coverage for Dental Implants for Seniors

Medicare does not generally cover the cost of dental implants in Australia for seniors. Dental services, including implant surgery, are considered elective or cosmetic procedures and are not covered under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

However, there are a few exceptions where Medicare may provide limited dental coverage for dental implants

For example, if a senior is unable to eat or speak properly due to a medical condition, and a dental implant is deemed necessary for their treatment, Medicare may provide partial coverage for the procedure. 

Also, if a senior requires a dental implant because of an accident or injury, Medicare may provide coverage.

It’s important to note that even in cases where Medicare does provide coverage, it will generally only cover a portion of the cost of the implant surgery. Seniors will typically need to pay for the remaining portion out of pocket or through private health insurance.

Overall, dental implants are expensive procedures, and seniors in Australia should expect to pay a significant portion of the cost out of pocket. If you’re a senior looking to get dental implants, it’s necessary to talk to your dentist and explore all your options, including private health insurance, to help cover the costs.

Cost of Dental Implants for Pensioners and Seniors

The cost of dental implants for pensioners and seniors can range from $3,999 to $7,000 per tooth. Some factors can lead to an increase in the cost of dental implants such as: 

  • Implant materials
  • Case complexity or overall dental health
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Number of replacements
  • Tooth extraction

Showing Dental Implants To Patient

Free Dental Implants for Seniors Near Me

Start with a visit to your local community health centre. Your local community health centre will point you in the right direction if they don’t offer free or low-cost dental implants.

You can also visit dental schools and teaching hospitals. They will point you to the right path- insurance, discount plans and charitable organisations.

Denture Implants for Seniors

Denture implants, also known as implant-supported dentures, can be an excellent option for seniors who need to replace multiple missing teeth. 

Traditional dentures rest on the gums, which can cause them to slip and move around in the mouth, making it difficult for seniors to eat and speak properly. 

Denture implants, on the other hand, are anchored in place by small titanium posts that are placed in the jaw bone, providing a secure and stable fit.

Importance of Denture Implants for Seniors

  1. Improved Functionality: Denture implants allow seniors to eat and speak with more confidence and ease since they won’t have to worry about their dentures shifting or falling out of place.
  2. Increased Comfort: Denture implants eliminate the need for adhesives and can be more comfortable than traditional dentures, which can cause sore spots and irritation.
  3. Better Aesthetics: Denture implants look and feel more natural than traditional dentures, which can improve seniors’ self-confidence and overall quality of life.
  4. Preservation of Jaw Bone: Traditional dentures rest on the gums, which can cause the jaw bone to shrink over time. Denture implants, on the other hand, stimulate the jaw bone, preserving its structure and strength.
  5. Durability: Denture implants can last for many years, with proper care and maintenance.

It’s important to note that denture implants are a more invasive procedure than traditional dentures and require surgery to place the titanium posts into the jaw bone. 

Also, it may not be covered by Medicare and private health insurance. Therefore, it is important to talk to your dentist and weigh the pros and cons of denture implants before making a decision.


Dental implants are a beneficial solution for seniors and pensioners who are missing one or more teeth. They can improve overall oral health and function, provide a long-term solution, and boost self-confidence.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants and that the cost can be a significant factor. 

Consult a qualified dentist such as Moorooka Dental Care, to determine if dental implants are the right choice for you. Also, discuss any financial assistance options that may be available. 

Overall, dental implants can be a beneficial investment for seniors and pensioners who want to maintain their oral health and improve their overall well-being.


Is dental implant good for seniors?

Yes, dental implants are a good option for seniors as they provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. They offer restored chewing efficiency, improved speech, enhanced facial aesthetics, increased self-confidence, and are a durable choice for seniors looking to improve their oral health.

What is the oldest age for dental implants?

There is no specific age limit for dental implants. As long as a senior is in good overall health and has sufficient bone density to support the implants, they can undergo the procedure. Dental professionals evaluate each individual case to determine the suitability for dental implants.

What is a complete teeth set for old people?

A complete teeth set for old people refers to a full arch of teeth that are supported by dental implants. This can be achieved through an implant-supported denture or a fixed bridge. It provides a natural-looking and functional set of teeth, allowing seniors to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Is 70 too old for implants?

Age alone is not a determining factor for dental implants. As long as a 70-year-old individual is in good health and has sufficient bone density, they can be considered for dental implants. A thorough evaluation by a dental professional is necessary to determine the suitability on a case-by-case basis.

How safe are teeth implants?

Teeth implants are considered safe and have a high success rate. Dental implant procedures have been practised for decades, and advancements in technology and techniques have further improved their safety and predictability.